When health is wealth, get our Air Quality sensor.

Health Sensor

It detects CO, CO2 and VOCs levels, temperature and humidity, movement, brightness level and noise with 3 digital inputs, and 32 lines of logic and timers. This smart solution incorporates each and every important health factor to bring you peace of mind.

    • Motion Sensor

    • Lights automation

    • Sun

    • temperature

    • Humidity

    • CO

    • CO2_VOC

    • Noise

    • Smart Apps

    • Smart software


    UPC 658921798713

    EAN 0658921798713


Protect your Family from CO Gas through TIS health sensor we prevent the risk by giving an alert for unwanted circumstances.

Hospital little best friend and patient’s companion on comfort and safety.

As with TIS Health sensor it links to emergency button, nurse calling system, noise sensor and maintain air quality circulation in the room to keep the good temperature and humidity.

Monitor your baby as you can. Our health sensor has built in microphone which has voice detection that gives you alert when your little one cries.

Let’s keep them busy and working. TIS HEALTH SENSOR maintains the air quality for offices which help to increase the productivity of employees.

On Top of that it can also detect unnecessary loud noises for unusual activities during office hours.

Consider us one of Safe sleep tips for your baby as with our products you will be notified when temperature rises in your baby’s room.

Save consumption cost by our smart TIS Energy servant Save consumption cost by our smart TIS Energy servant

Yearly savings of

Say NO to molds when you have TIS health sensor. It maintains the temperature and humidity in certain levels to prevent mold growing.