Let’s Go Smart

In moving toward a Third Green Revolution, application of modern information and technology into agriculture is of great importance. Smart Farming means a type water, light, humidity, and temperature management with the purpose of increasing the quality and quantity of production.

Using the TIS sensors and actuators are installed in farms to deliver a more productive and sustainable agricultural production.

Agricultural automation and robotics is a way of making a farm smart. The process of applying robotics and automatic control and artificial intelligence techniques helps skipping time-consuming tasks such as monitoring watering process or actually going to the field to turn on/off lights one by one.


There are intelligent panels which help with pumps and lights control and save the farmer a lot of cash. The good thing is that working with this technology is quite easy and anyone with a cellphone or tablet can do it.

Smart Farm, whether be a large agricultural exploitations or small family field to grow mushrooms, can be greatly beneficial in terms of environmental issues, for example, through more efficient use of water, or optimization of the space temperature and humidity. TIS smart automation offers smart solutions and software/hardware systems that help farming processes data-driven and data-enabled.


Also, you may set up predefined decision rules and models so that specified actions automatically commence in certain situations. This could be used to send alerts to user’s cellphone in case of freezing temperature or dry soil for few days.

Additionally, smart technology enhances sprinkler control by automating watering process at specific times of day when the temperature is suitable. Besides, smart sprinkler control prevents energy wastage considerably as it automatically stops in rainy weather.

This is, in long term, a significant factor in cutting the costs and make the business more energy-efficient.


Moreover, depending on the type of product you are investing in, the right degree of temperature and humidity is very important. It is wiser to consider humidity monitoring especially as some agricultural crops are temperature-sensitive and their quality is directly related to the humidity of place. Smart technology of TIS helps with regulating the thermal condition of different parts of the field. There are smart intelligent temperature sensors with high quality performance to ensure your business is safe.

It is time to trust technology and let machines operate and assist you in farming.

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