Philips Dynalite integration with TIS

Smart lighting is one of the first and foremost manifestation of Internet of Things. Active since 2012 until present, TIS Control Ltd. has manufactured numerous budget-friendly yet functional lighting products with the goal to bring more comfort and convenience to users.

Now, in June 2021, our intelligent automation is even more advanced as a result of collaboration with one of the world’s finest lighting control manufacturers, Philips Dynalite. This company is a well-known smart lighting supplier famous for its wide scalability and networked lighting systems.

We are excited to announce that it is time to implement your chosen lighting system into any project with ease of mind because TIS and Dynalite are now have become greatly robust with their smart features coupled.

Integration of the two systems enables more extensive control over individual and grouped lights, lets users define distributed control and monitoring, and enhances BMS and GRMS.

Both TIS and Dynalite come with practical flexibility in design which guarantees customized use of smart lamps, LEDs, network gateways, etc. based on needs and energy efficiency policies. Feel free to configure your Dynalite-powered devices into TIS automation and control everything under one single network.

Without the need to buy more products, users can upgrade their home automation by integrating TIS and Dynalite systems and have lighting solutions to work with other components such as curtains, audio-visual, temperature, and healthcare solutions. Plus, they can navigate all through their TIS App.

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