TIS announce its TIS-BEE Zigbee products range

One of the power sources for TIS Control Ltd. to maintain a trusted and popular smart home supplier is the network of well-reputed alliances it offers. ZigBee protocol, one of the leading open global networks supporting wireless and battery-powered devices, is now officially a TIS alliance.

April 2021 is special for us and our customers around the world as our system features are now expanded to deliver intelligent services more efficiently and flexibly. Each of these products allow for presets and time-based performance aligned with other solutions.

Users have become enabled to add and control low-rate ZigBee sensors via their TIS App. If your home needs a couple of battery-powered sensors, pick them from ZigBee products, and enhance your TIS automation system without having to make alterations in the building wiring structure.

A complete set of ZigBee 3.0 products are now available on our official website. All of these devices are TIS-compatible, and together with the intelligently-engineered TIS solutions, you can create an ever more advanced home space.

Additionally, the efficient topology of the ZigBee protocol causes a decrease in energy consumption. So you can stay ecofriendly while enjoying the convenience and comfort brought about by smart technology.

We wish to celebrate this membership in the ZigBee protocol and hope for an advanced smart experience for our users across different sectors.

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