Control4 now support TIS Smart Home sytem

Upgrade Your Smart Home Experience

TIS Smart Home, a pioneer in the home automation industry, is delighted to announce that a new feature is added to its automation protocol; Control 4 Driver is now available for TIS users to advance their smart control experiences.

This cooperation, which is a major step forward for both TIS Smart Home and Control 4, is a professional attempt to cover the diversities of users’ needs and likes all over the world. The TIS-Control4 Driver broadens control options over intelligent solutions with a more enjoyable and high-end network of automatic functions.

TIS users can enjoy higher display performance and sound effects in addition to obtaining fast responses from devices. This driver allows for in-depth user navigation among various lighting, ventilation, and motor channels. Set, adjust, and schedule geofencing automations based on your location with convenience. You no longer have to limit yourself with sole BUS or AIR manufacturer and keep it in touch with other types of networking in a single sleek mobile app.

Now with this TIS-Control4 Driver, users can be independent in managing BUS & wireless automation.

We are thrilled to be able to add up our strengths with Control 4, another leading smart solutions provider in the market with the aim of expanding users’ smart experience.

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