TIS now is functional with IFTTT

Smart Routines, Big Assistance for Busy Times

With an ever-growing use of modern technology, TIS Control Ltd. continues to provide intelligent responses to users’ needs and likes. The whole concept of smart programming behind solutions lies in the conditional commands that are defined for automatic functions.

August 2021 is another milestone in the company’s timeline as now we are enabled to offer even more to our users by proudly collaborating with IFTTT service developers. It’s time to make your home more relaxing, but how?

IFTTT which derives its name from the statement “if this, then that”, is a platform for advanced conditional commands among different apps, services, and devices. This software has helped numerous devices connect and become automated since 2011, and now it is also applied to empower more features in the TIS system.

With an extensive array of macros available, IFTTT helpfully is providing more sophisticated TIS automation routines across iOS and Android devices. In other words, services of IFTTT are employed to define precise automatic commands where something as simple as raining is considered as a trigger to adjust further settings. If it starts raining for instance, then it’s wiser to stop the irrigation system. A routine such as this can be operated even when you’re not personally present at the place. Now with the cooperation between IFTTT and TIS, users can create their own presets by combining various solutions and devices with trigger parameters.

Basically, all you need to do is to decide which part of the house you prefer to make fully automated. Should lights go off when there is enough sunlight? Would you want the curtains closed when it’s about to get windy? How about automating those manual tasks that might be simple but are tedious to complete?

With the features of IFTTT and TIS, all is in your hands. Enjoy!

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