TIS Attend Smarthome Virtual connect expo in India

It’s 2020, and technology continues to provide us with whatever is compromised due to the pandemic. There was a virtual booth from 6th to 8th August in India where visitors could use a registration link to have a tour of TIS products and obtain information about smart solutions’ features and implementation.

TIS Control Ltd. is proud to be successfully active in the industry since 2012, helping users around the planet equip their homes and buildings with IoT-enabled solutions. There are numerous products designed by TIS that cover heating/cooling/ventilation, individual and grouped lighting, safety and security, and healthcare priorities.

This real-life booth tour was a chance for interested people in intelligent technology to interact with our representatives and experience a virtual look at our innovative products using navigation tools on their computers or smartphone.

We, at the big TIS family, plan to empower users with any budget and smart needs to achieve their fair share of IoT services. In the Covid19 pandemic times, we plan to make this virtual experience expanded. Let’s make it possible!

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