Smart Hospital: A Necessity in the Modern World.

Nowadays, the demand for quality healthcare services is growing. Patients have higher expectations about the quality the healthcare they receive, and hospital management has become quite challenging due to complex regulations. TIS offers smart technology to support more efficient, patient-focused care with enhanced management opportunities.

We help you create a smart hospital in which each room is equipped with smart solutions that aid in patient-nurse interactions. Our Nurse Call System features a call button installable next to the patient’s bed. Also, when integrated with the microphone feature of our Health Sensor, it enables patients to easily call their respective nurses if they need help.

Keeping the temperature and humidity at the right level in the patients’ rooms is very important, and with our Health Sensor, it is not difficult at all. This solution monitors and detects dangerous gases indoors while maintaining pleasant, fresh air. Imagine the benefits of this solution for the hospital management team: they can control health factors remotely based on the outdoor weather and the special health condition of the patient, they are notified immediately if indoor conditions become threatening, they can avoid mold growth more easily, and more.

Our Pressure Sensor is another useful piece of technology for smart medical centers. This solution, which comes with 3rd-party support, is good for monitoring patients with bad health conditions or disabilities in case they fall from their bed. If a patient falls from their bed, our pressure sensor automatically informs the nurse, minimizing the risk of injuries.

TIS has another special gadget for health care providers: Our Bedwetting Sensor features a moisture sensor and an alarm unit. This could be the perfect solution for children’s hospitals, senior houses, and others where it can help caregivers provide better services. The Bedwetting sensor simply alerts nurses when moisture is detected.

Ultimately, we are proud to announce that our innovation improves the hospital BMS system, as our products are mainly designed to make controlling lights, AC, gates, locks, alarms, and more as convenient as possible. All building functions are easily accessible on a single piece of software, so hospital management can monitor the health and safety every room with just a few clicks.

Additionally, efficiency is core to what we offer. TIS products are eco-friendly in both design and function. Our sensors feature motion detectors and automatically navigate the lighting and AC systems based on occupancy. With TIS solutions, your medical center becomes an energy-efficient building with the least amount of waste and the most optimized functionality.

TIS Control has put its effort into providing the best solutions with practical features that are compatible with various settings and environments. We are here to help you modernize your medical center with a budget-friendly price tag.

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