23 HVAC VRF brand can be controled by TIS smart home

Users’ needs evolve with speed, and the active parties in smart home technology need to create and maintain the required features and functions. As global warming rapidly increases, designing energy-efficient solutions which stay eco-friendly while connected remains a very important matter to us. Besides the constant application of our smart HVAC system during the past years, we have now proudly announced a gateway module for the integration of another advanced climate controller, the VRF system.

A variable refrigerant flow controller, this solution features simultaneous and multi-zone heating and cooling, efficient energy consumption, and enhanced BMS. The many advantages of this solution make it ideal for any-scale residential and commercial projects. This equipment is also compatible with more than 20 heating and cooling products from universally known brands such as LG, Daikin, Samsung, Bosch, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Haier, etc. Today, we offer more connection and control to you.

No matter what name is on your AC device, you can use TIS App to control and adjust the indoor climate without inconvenience. On the market from January 2022, our VRF gateway is quite a necessity for your smart home. Order yours today and have it be added and linked to the TIS system; just as simple as that upgrade your automation system to play a part in saving our planet.

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