Google Assistant now linked to TIS

Things are getting easier day by day, thanks to technology! Virtual voice assistants play a major role in making routines and activities convenient and fun, and that’s why they are becoming an inseparable part of our lives. This December, we are celebrating a wonderful collaboration with Google to make possible the integration of TIS automation with Google Assistant.

As a result, users are now able to access and alter smart settings with their voice only. So next time you are calling your Google Assistant to find the nearest 24/7 grocery shop around the neighborhood, you can also ask it to turn on the study lamp so you can read with more comfort.

Being a great digital companion, Google Assistant can perform endless things by your command, and now it can take on many things on your behalf and simply eliminate the need to move around the house while you’re tired. Is your phone charging in the room? That’s fine. You don’t need your phone to adjust the temperature. Talk to your home; Google Assistant is the ear! The smart wall switch in the living room receives this data, and so does your AC unit.

Once called for, your virtual assistant wakes up to trigger a chain of smart commands by transmitting data among your TIS-powered solutions. The compatibility between the two technologies leaves you with a home space you can control productively, privately, and intelligently.

Dedicated to bringing the most while keeping it unique to each user’s need, TIS and Google Assistant are now officially joined to create a safe and convenient network of smart devices that work harmoniously for utmost user satisfaction.

Add and activate your Google Assistant to your TIS system to enjoy a more human-like smart home.

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