Irridium mobile app is now support TIS Fully

As a world-class smart technology leader, TIS Control has evolved through years of professional activity and experience to offer services that are inclusive, environment friendly, and longstanding.

The official collaboration with Iridium Communications is a big step forward for us in TIS as it helps us offer a more user-friendly and accessible control dashboard to users.

As we all know, limitless control over home components is central to any automation system. Now wrapped up with the wonderful Iridium graphic and visional features, TIS enables customers to monitor and adjust smart settings from anywhere with minimum inconveniences.

A faster connection, interesting display settings, and worldwide voice and data communication are among the values added to TIS home automation by the Iridium network. With more eye-catching App features, users can take control of lighting, motors, climate, and third-party devices from any spot in the world meanwhile being confident about the immediate and real-time navigation in TIS style!

We are more than pleased to announce that this collaboration is official and that the services are available to users from the very beginning of 2021. This is a year to stay connected and smart on the ground, boats, mountains, roofs, and even underwater! Collaborating with Iridium Communications, we are positive we can make it happen together.  

TIS Website News Image

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