TIS and Jablotron alarm system integration

This September is special for all of us because our security system is enhanced as the result of our official collaboration with Jablotron, a premier technology company manufacturing alarm systems.

If you have a Jablotron alarm in your smart home, you can integrate and control it via the TIS network henceforward. Considering the long experience of Jablotron in the production of security systems, you can rest assured that once integrated with TIS home automation, your property’s security and safety are fully guaranteed.

Users now enjoy more advanced monitoring over different zones and corners of their houses by navigating among lights, sensors, locks, etc. Besides, security operating modes can be defined and set for an automatic run in case of trespassing.

2020 is a smart year when you can check out the backyard garage from a cabin in the mountains where you are spending the holidays. The combination of Jablotron and TIS technology prohibits the entrance of an unauthorized person into your company, house, farm, etc. Any entrance point can be equipped with either Jablotron or TIS products for real-time monitoring and access control available in either system dashboard, i.e. TIS App or MyJABLOTRON.

The security systems available in the market might be somewhat exclusive due to complex settings, however, with TIS and Jablotron user-friendly and simple-to-use products, millions of people from any spot around the world can understand, install, and operate smart solutions to maintain the security of their loved ones.

With TIS and Jablotron coupled, users can make a combination of a wireless and wired set of alarms and controllers, flexibly select their needed services, and leave the rest to an intelligent system that sure never misses.  

A constant deliverance of quality solutions that enrich people’s lives is core to our policies in the big TIS family, and we are thrilled to announce that this time we have Jablotron innovation beside us.

TIS Website News Image
TIS Website News Image

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