MODBUS RTU fully supported by all TIS products

There is Always Another Option.

TIS technology has always been bound to integrity and innovation. Making living and working more convenient for all users and enhancing residential, commercial, and industrial projects have been the primary objectives of the TIS automation team.

To expand user satisfaction and develop its business, TIS management has decided to integrate the TIS-BUS network with other premier protocols and collaborate with other successful smart technology brands. Recently, TIS Automation Group signed a partnership contract with Schneider Co. and has become a member of the Modbus network.

Modbus is a serial communications protocol famous for its programmable logic controllers. It is a standard protocol used for connecting industrial electronic devices and is especially popular in industrial environments since it enables communication among many devices connected to the same network—for example, one single solution becomes capable of detecting both temperature and occupancy and uses this data to open the curtains. It seems magical, doesn’t it?

TIS products fully support Modbus if configured as Slave; any SCADA software can read easily  TIS lights channel  , air condition , and sensors data,  also can control lights,  AC, infrared, music, security and much more from MODBUS RTU Coil and register commands. 

Now with the Modbus protocol, TIS smart technology offers limitless control options for users and their preferences. Our smart gadgets now feature practical variants that make them optimal for superb customer experience.

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