How do small ideas bring big changes?

"To offer the best-priced home automation experience to everyone by combining the latest technology with style and elegance."

Ideas, style, and simplicity are what define TIS Technology. We are dedicated exclusively to excellence in home automation. We understand what’s most important to you and how best to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers. So, if you are investing in automation for your home, put your trust in TIS Technology.

There are many companies around the world currently trying to define 'smart' and 'style', but few actually have the experience to really provide it. TIS Technology has the knowledge and the tools to define what a real smart home is.

How do you control your lighting, air conditioning, curtains, security, and music? All can be done simply using 1 panel in your room to control lights and temperature, select an album, an artist, or a song from your play list, and press the play button on any keypad or remote. And away you go!

Enjoy your home control system as never before.

Save up to 60% of your energy consumption through our innovative automated systems.

TIS will help define your style and change the way you live your life and enjoy your home.

TIS products are a demonstration of smart home automation at its best!

TIS equipment offers a home automation experience surpassed by no other manufacturer.

A cornerstone of our design philosophy is to create modular products that evolve with our customers' needs while achieving cutting-edge style and unparalleled performance far beyond their price tag.

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