Dear customers,

I’d like to share a childhood memory with you—a memory that I believe was one of my father’s most important lessons for me.

When I was a kid, I hated when my father used to walk around our apartment like a guard checking to see if we had forgotten to turn off a light somewhere in the house. It was a nightmare if I ran to play in the living room and left the lights on in my bedroom. Even today, I can hear my father’s threatening voice and feel the concern that coursed through my body while I awaited my punishment.

With all respect to my father, I grew up suffering anxiety about forgetting to turn something off everywhere I went, but, gradually, I learned how to save energy. I remember feeling the urge to turn off things when they were on unnecessarily. Little by little, I felt I owed it to my father, and I became a man who endeavored to teach the same thing to his own family.

Being attentive to energy consumption helped me notice that besides lights, air conditioning typically consumes electricity more than any other electrical appliance. This realization triggered my drive to invent a system for energy management . I worked hard for my dream, and now TIS proudly presents the most efficient devices with maximum energy savings. Smart home systems that don’t save energy are no more than a toy—something controlled by a remote but requiring human intervention. An intelligent system can take the right action in different situations and manage energy automatically without waiting for a command from a human agent.

Considering how busy our modern lives are now, having a careful guard like my father can be significantly helpful.

Energy not only powers our lives every day, but it’s also the engine that drives economies and determines a country’s international success. That is why energy, despite its reliability, should not be taken for granted. If we do not conserve energy, increasing global warming will result in hurricanes, floods, and other disasters that devastate the planet and cost governments and people billions of dollars.

At a very basic level, our economic development and environmental longevity depend on our behavior and choices. Now, assuming that there is a smart system that can save up to 50% of electricity consumption, just imagine how revolutionary it would be if it was utilized in every single house. This paves the way for smart climate resilience, doesn’t it?

As a leading manufacturer in home automation, TIS provides functional and advantageous smart devices for everyone on any kind of budget. These devices help controlling lighting, air conditioning, curtains, motors, sensors, audio and video controls, weather stations, energy meters, sprinklers, timers, security systems, numerous software, applications and many other facilities with the goal of lowering energy consumption as much as possible.

At last I have to express my deepest gratitude to my father for doing what he believed was right and caring about the next generation.

You were very generous dad, and I thank you for what you did.

Turath Mazloum

CEO and Founder

TIS Control Limited

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