Advanced Training

Our mission is to educate industry professionals about the benefits of home automation control and the concept and policies of energy saving so that they can provide the best solution for each specific space according to each customer’s likes and needs. Our workshops focus on selling, specifying, installing, wiring and programming smart devices. Additionally, our experienced TIS managers share successful marketing tips.

Advanced Training courses are most beneficial after a person finishes the online training and tests and has a good grasp of the basic information. Advanced Training courses increase participants’ knowledge of automation technology and help them better understand the ins and outs of automation systems.

TIS Training also provides ambitious learners with practical knowledge regarding good customer service practices and how to increase sales’ volume. TIS experts help you find shortcuts to make your business successful by fulfilling your interests and satisfying your customers.

Training Agenda:

This training course takes 3 days. An overview of the syllabus is presented below.

Day 1:

Introduction, wiring and installation of TIS-BUS products, including Lighting, Motorization, Audio System, Air Conditioning, VRV AC, Digital Inputs, Infrared Control.

Day 2:

Introduction, wiring and installation of TIS-BUS products, including Saving Energy Logics, Advanced Automation, Messages, Security System, Energy Meter, Weather Station, 3rd party integration.

Day 3:

Introduction, installation and programming of TIS-AIR system, Application programming, “Alexa” voice control setting, Sales training.

Day 4: Optional

Further training on advanced sales and marketing strategies are presented in this session.

Training Centers:

Training Center 1. Adelaide, Australia.

Training Center 2. Guangzhou, China.

Training Center 3. Dallas, Texas, United States.

Training Center 4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Training Center 5. Casablanca, Morocco.

Training Center 6. Antalya, Turkey.


For 3 days full training:

1000 USD per individual

1500 USD per company (maximum 3 attenders)

Extra sales and marketing training session:

500 USD per individual, 750 USD per company (maximum 3 attendees)


All training courses are free for all TIS official dealers.


Please fill out the following form to register for a training course.

You will be contacted 15 days before the course starts.


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