TIS 4t images TIS 4t images

Small, Simple, and Powerful.

TIS-4T - The product that will provide a suitable temperature for all of your living spaces.

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    UPC 658921798744

    EAN 0658921798744


TIS 4t images TIS 4t images

There is no place more delightful than one’s own with TIS-4T. Set aside your worries. With TIS-4T, we help you balance the room temperature for the best family bonding time.

TIS 4t images TIS 4t images

TIS 4t images TIS 4t images

No need for a fireplace during winter, as the TIS-4T Module offers better floor heating control so that you can enjoy walking around the house.

TIS 4t images TIS 4t images

TIS-4T make look small, but the powerful technology inside it is huge. It has a logic system for building management that controls the hot water for buildings.

TIS 4t images TIS 4t images

TIS 4T can be matched with any product that uses PTC1000 to provide the best performance and cost.

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