The Cinema Industry and the Internet of Things (IoT)

We are all familiar with the significant impacts that Internet applications have had in the cinema industry. Smart home technology now provides similarly exceptional experiences in your home with high-quality sound and projection equipment.


The next good news is that technology has advanced so much that a single application could support a wide range of digital devices and skip the costly process of installing many solutions. TIS is one of those intelligent IoT-based technologies that helps users manage numerous light channels, along with AC/ventilation systems and A/V channels, through one single application. TIS technology also offers a number of helpful solutions to enhance show quality, such as a motorized projector lift and our KODI Media Center Application with NAS HD streaming.


Not all the cinemas are smart, however. While many in the cinema industry prefer to wait for better digital device integration, the revolutionary results of TIS technology applications in cinema management are worth considering. In a smart cinema, the color of the LED lights color can be set based on the type of movie playing on a high-resolution screen with a clear sound in a pleasant space at just the right temperature. Once the button is pressed, the lights are turned on, and, if needed, they can be dimmed with just another press to better tune the mode. Smart solutions like this can create a competitive advantage for you in respective markets.


At smaller scales, intelligent devices can be utilized in your home theater. No smart home would be complete without the right audio/video package to complement the user’s lifestyle. Everyone enjoys having a stylish home theater without needing to keep a hundred remote controls around.


Those who want to experience a higher level of cinematic feeling can enjoy smart speakers—in their ceilings, walls, or even outdoors—integrated with a virtual voice assistant.

The variety of TIS smart solutions enables users to create an awesome cinematic atmosphere made even more exciting if there is a popcorn machine with fresh popped kernels in the house.


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