Does Your Big House Consume a Lot of Energy?
No Worries, TIS can Help

Big houses with many rooms can consume a lot of energy. Family and guests might forget to turn off electrical switches. Also, basements and similar rooms consume a lot of energy even when there’s no one in them.

Generally speaking, your electricity bill will increase with the size of your house.

You can manage it all with a smart home automation system, but, you may be wondering, is working with such a system easy? Is it energy efficient? How exactly does it save energy?

TIS Smart palace in Dubai – Home automation

A wide range of wired and wireless smart solutions are now available on the market. Seventy percent of these devices require human commands to function, thus these devices cannot be considered as intelligent as those that recognize when changes need to be made and make them automatically, without the need for any human intervention. In other words, the real magic happens when a product automatically and appropriately decides when to turn stuff off and on.

Other suppliers may be more advanced than TIS in that regard, but their products do not cover all types of smart home automation needs. Thus, their products must be combined with other companies’ solutions.

Automation wiring methods, especially for devices such as motion sensors, infrared emitters, contact sensors, thermostats, and other devices that should be linked to the main controller, require huge amounts of cabling, time, money, man power, and programming. Furthermore, full functionality and quality performance are not guaranteed in such a system, which is the common network among all the smart devices.

Smart house in Pakistan – TIS Automation

The TIS Smart Home Company can help you minimize project costs and optimize energy efficiency in the following ways:

  • 1- The TIS-BUS system can decrease the low current cabling needed for home automation by 70% with its RS485 bus looping method, which requires less conduits and wiring.
  • 2- The TIS Smart Home Company offers all types of home automation under one brand.
  • 3- TIS devices are engineered with the latest technology to outperform customers’ needs in the most budget-efficient way. For instance, our Luna TFT panel can replace all wall thermostat, light, audio, and curtain switches. Also, our Energy Servant 10F ceiling sensor can replace all PIR and light sensors’ digital inputs. Also, door contacts can be linked directly to the sensor in the same room without the need for wiring devices to the control room.
TIS SPA Room Automation – Smart Home Technology
  • 4- All TIS devices have logics that enable them to function in an energy-saving mode. Also, the intelligence is not centered in one source; each solution is smart on its own. This minimizes the risk of interruption and malfunction.
  • 5- TIS byproducts are also significantly functional. For example, our smart Weather Station and Energy Meter work based on outside temperature, time, and high energy consumption during specific hours. This helps prevent the overconsumption of energy.
  • 6- TIS’s tasteful and elegant designs fit easily with any interior aesthetics.
  • 7- TIS’s range of products is so wide that more than 65000 pieces can be installed in one single project.
  • 8- Programming of TIS automation devices can be done in a matter of hours. Since all the solutions are from one brand, there is no need for integration and extra coding.
TIS Automatic Roller motors ad lights control in swimming pool area

The TIS group has automated more than 300 luxury villas and palaces in the Middle East. We believe luxurious life experiences can be congruent with an energy-saving lifestyle.

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