Neat Smart Walls with TIS

Controllers are usually mounted on walls next to doors, and the same is true for any kind of wall switches, whether for lights, thermostats, etc.

The number of light switches differs depending on a building’s scale and design. For instance, luxury houses demand a lot of lighting fixtures. Now, imagine the total number of switches needed for all of the rotating dimmers, FCU thermostat, floor heating thermostat, ceiling fan regulator, volume control, security console, curtain or shutter switches, and more, and we have a wall full of big and small switches, which is a serious challenge for interior designers. Installers would be troubled as well, since each device’s system has a special size and characteristics, making it hard to keep them elegantly organized.

Ugly many smart switches and controllers in wall

Historically, it would cost a small fortune to have one single supplier for all of these devices that can perform all the necessary commands and also, if possible, fit in with the design of the house.

The TIS Company offers the Luna TFT, a touch screen wall panel designed to outperform our customers’ needs. This panel not only acts as a thermostat for floor heating and FCU, but it can also be utilized to control lights, audio, security, fan speed, curtains, shutters, and more.

Smart Luna panel from TIS- One wall thermostat that control everything

In addition to many elegantly designed buttons to run users’ favorite scenes, this panel includes a calendar, clock, energy meter, and weather station reporter.

All of these capabilities are presented in one panel, and that is why the Luna TFT is one of the most functional smart devices in today’s high-tech world. Moreover, this device can fit into all standard junction boxes, including 2”x4” US size, 3”x3” UK size, and also the European round box size. Having only one panel to install is beneficial in that it reduces conduits, wiring, man power, and construction time.

TIS Luna TFT panel installed in one of projects

This wall panel can work with both wired and wireless formats. It can be controlled by means of a remote control (it has infrared capability) or from anywhere in the world via TIS’s free app for your cell phone. It is also compatible with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. With all of these options for control, it easily suits every costumer’s needs and tastes.

This curved panel is equipped with a built-in buzzer and will send alarm messages. This feature enables alerts in case of fire or water leakage or any other emergency situations in your residence. With the Luna TFT, you will not forget to close doors and windows or to wear warm clothes on cold days.

TIS Luna TFT also act as alarm system

Thanks to GPS technology in the TIS mobile app, another great thing about this smart solution is that you can set your room AC to your desired temperature before arriving home and save energy when you are away.

TIS Luan  paenl installed in smart home full of glass walls

The TIS Luna TFT Panel is designed to complement the interior design of your luxury home by keeping your walls neat and modern.

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