TIS dealer participated in HIA expo in Sydney, Australia

Visiting Sydney at one of the most iconic building and renovation expos, TIS launched its new designs in lights/AC control.

DH & S Automation Group, our representative in Sydney, operated a booth for TIS’s new TE Dimmer and HVAC module at the HIA Expo, where the best products from all over the globe are showcased and new releases are launched. This Expo was a great platform for many premiere suppliers, digital developers, and international dealers to come together and discuss the latest innovations in the smart technology market.

Our experts presented two smart home solutions with high efficiency and sustainability functions. The Trailing Edge (TE) Dimmer is a smart solution to dim all types of lights in any residential and/or commercial project. This module, which is available in 2/4 channels, can be utilized to dim high voltage lights. In addition, since it is compatible with the TIS-BUS system, it can be integrated with other smart devices in a customer’s automation project.

The HVAC Module is another smart solution introduced at this enormous fair. This module is designed to control HVAC and VAV dampers, including ducked split, AHU, Air Handling unite, and VRV0-10V. It can be integrated with the Luna panel, one of TIS’s trendy smart wall panels, using its external temperature sensor. Energy consumption reporting and automatic function capabilities are among this module’s most beloved features. Dehumidifying a space in hazy/humid weather is very easy with this BUS smart module.

Visitors from Sydney and other Australian cities, such as Melbourne,  Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, and Newcastle, explored TIS products at our booth. 

Attending this fair was a great experience for the TIS team, since it created a chance to discuss the importance of energy efficiency in the technological innovations behind the TE Dimmer/HVAC modules.

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TIS Website News Image

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