TIS's integration with Daikin Modbus VRF system

The Impressive Technology of TIS plus Diakin.

With many partners around the globe, TIS has helped users experience another level of smart technology in their homes through innovative home automation packages.

TIS is determined to enable people from all over the world to put their dreams into action and expand their business and/or simply overcome the challenges of high-energy consumption. Looking to elevate your hotel, café, cinema, restaurant, or office? Or are you just tired of the hassles and bustles of controlling the temperature inside your house? You should consider TIS’s smart solutions.

Here’s the good news. TIS Automation Group is now offering more: collaborating with Diakin VRF Modbus system, a pioneering manufacturer of air conditioning equipment, TIS solutions are now compatible with Diakin products to deliver outstanding intelligent technology. Daikin Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturing company headquartered in Osaka.

Thanks to the inventor of the first split and multi-split air conditioners, TIS solutions, once coupled with Diakin products, can ensure comfortable and sustainable living environments. Every project, whether residential or industrial, can be equipped with smart air filters and ACs that regulate the indoor air and keep the temperature and humidity at the desirable level, and guess what? You can simply set it and forget it.

Equip your building with the ultimate VRV system (or VRF unit, as some manufacturer’s call it), level up your house, and save a lot of energy.

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