TIS's integration with Toshiba Modbus VRF AC

More Powerful – More Convenient

TIS systems are designed to help big and small communities save on energy bills, enhance security, and provide the ultimate convenience in 21st century houses. The technology, as a long-term solution for complete home automation, is capable of more actively integrating with different universal brands so that retailers, enterprises, municipalities, utilities, universities, businesses, and other high technology manufacturers in our target market enjoy a more advanced smart technology experience.

The industry sector, among others, can be more prosperous if smaller units in the market collaborate and work toward a common objective: a smart society that is both energy-efficient and attractive to tourists.

Focusing on teaming up with the best smart solution brands, TIS started collaborating with Toshiba Corporation, a well-known manufacturer offering a broad range of products and solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Toshiba is one of the pioneers of the IoT revolution, and it is an honor for TIS Automation Group to enrich user experience with the help of this company.

TIS + Toshiba VRF AC can turn a blank canvas into a modern, luxurious space in the blink of an eye. An intelligent integrated network enables you to control your rooms in whatever way you prefer. Let’s partner up and be a part of the IoT revolution.

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