Smart Cities: Why and How?

We can all feel the race to infuse technology into every single aspect of everyday life.

Thanks to the trendy technology of TIS interconnected devices, there are many digitized solutions to manage water, electricity, and power consumption optimally.

But what is a smart city? In a smart city, information received from one gadget in one spot is communicated to another remote gadget and also to the user so that further decisions can be made and all devices can be adjusted. Using digital technology to improve people’s lives is a priority in a smart city, and TIS thrives to stride ahead of the pack on this journey.

In a smart city, people make use of the Internet to make reservations; they can be sitting in a café drinking coffee as they book a hotel room via their cell phone, or they might be surfing the net to do some shopping online when they receive a message containing their electricity bill. Wherever you are, TIS’s free mobile application is here to bring convenience to your life.

Dream up a city where there are no printed bills and both the government and the people are committed to energy conservation. In this city, all of the houses are digitized, and the Energy Department sectors have access to consumers’ usage data to observe the application of efficient consumption policies and take action if things go awry.

In a smart city, buildings are secured safely by a control center that monitors and analyzes the energy consumption of each and every unit. Additionally, through the use of smart logics and timers, building managers can be assured that building safety is maintained. TIS’s intelligent security module and sensors notify security and the manager of any hazardous situation or the detection of smoke or water leakage in the building.

Smart cities significantly reduce energy waste. TIS technology offers an intelligent Weather Station module and lux-meter-equipped components so that every user can adjust their watering and lighting systems to be as efficient as possible and only utilize a device when needed.


In a smart city, everyone has the privilege of enjoying the ease and comfort brought about by technology. Our TIS products are smooth to work with (solutions are designed according to DIY standards) and budget-friendly.


But how is the concept of a smart city related to concerns about population growth in different urban areas? TIS technology offers opportunities to save costs and maximize the efficiency of existing assets; therefore, it helps with managing crowded areas and saves a lot of cash for the government. That is what smart control means.


Air pollution, healthcare, and safety-related issues are alleviated better with the help of our smart sensors and other digital gadgets. If every house in a city becomes intelligently automated, less energy is wasted and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

It is recommended that governments consider IoT technology if they plan to take steps toward building a sustainable community that is more livable for humans.

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