Smart Mosque: A Big Step Toward a Sustainable Society

The modern world necessitates serious sustainability policies. Advanced building automation is a way to reduce energy consumption and boost societal sustainability.

It is critical that mosques, as an important component of the Islamic community, take on the project of digitization. TIS smart technology for mosques considers the unique features of the place that make this space different from other types of buildings and targets convenience and better management of lighting, ventilation, and audio systems. A smart mosque maximizes the level of ambience that is comfortable for prayers and helps eliminate energy waste considerably.

Not only in countries surrounding the Persian Gulf, but also in any hot spot where air conditioning comprises the greatest amount of energy consumption, using smart technology to decrease your energy footprint and carbon emissions is a must.

A smart mosque is one in which the AC system is controlled through intelligent temperature sensors that optimize energy consumption by monitoring and altering its usage pattern.

Given that mosques are only occupied during the five daily Islamic prayers, which are held during five specific durations throughout the day, a smart network with an automation timer can lower electricity consumption while guaranteeing comfort and a pleasant atmosphere for prayers.

In a smart mosque, the performance of the lighting and AC systems is set to automatically ramp up during dark and/or hot hours. This way, the air conditioners do not have to be left on during the day or when the mosque sits idle.

There are budget-friendly and intelligent solutions that harmonize curtains, lights, splits, sprinklers, pipes, and other electrical devices within a mosque according to occupancy, natural light, outdoor temperature, and other key environmental elements.

The good news is that TIS driven devices are so various in type and function that even pre-constructed mosques can become smart.

Moreover, these solutions can be utilized to control all types of AC systems including split and centralized AC, VRF and floor heating. With intelligent technology, difficulties in managing big spaces are easily obviated.

TIS technology -empowered by Internet of Things- offers an opportunity to create a spiritual atmosphere which brings about both comfort for worshippers and convenience in mosque management and also, due to numerous capabilities of smart solutions, easily adapts with special occasions such as Ramadan, Friday prayer, and other ceremonies. It is time to make more serious efforts to digitize mosques and participate in the process of making our societies sustainable.

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