Smart Yacht

Smart technology has made it possible to modernize every aspect of your life. Nowadays, customers can enjoy a luxurious experience of convenience on the sea, too. There are smart solutions for boats and cruises that make vacations even more exciting.

TIS Automation Group offers quality products for smart yachting; our wide selection of panels, sensors, modules, etc. are designed to suit any type of boat and allow users to fully appreciate the spirit of vacationing on the sea.

Install the TIS Luna panel on your yacht, and make it easier to control lights, music, AC, and more. This solution has many practical features to smartly manage and create any modes you desire in any rooms where it is installed. Limitless light control, audio options such as AUX, USB, radio, and SD card, scenario options with specific thermal, audio, and lighting modes are among the characteristics of the TIS Luna panel.

Our Luna panel brings harmony to the lights, music, and temperature and lets you relax peacefully. Whether you are throwing an evening party or enjoying a romantic dinner with your date, just create your favorite setting with few swipes. Also, do not forget to customize the language and pictures on this panel; give your boat character. 

TIS ES Sensor is another prestigious luxury solution for smart boats. The Energy Servant Sensor with 10 Functions is a ceiling sensor with a nice design that includes a PIR motion sensor, light brightness sensor, relays outputs, and more. It always ensures the most efficient energy use.

What about making sure your yacht is safe? How should you decide when to start a trip and which path to take? Don’t worry; the TIS Weather Station module is your weather expert, reporting all of the important info you need for safe yachting. This smart solution gives you details about wind speed and direction, rain level, temperature, humidity, and more so that you only start your yacht’s engine when it is safe to do so.

Get in touch now, talk with our team, and discuss your options. We’ll make your next yachting adventure extraordinary.

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