TIS Automation FZE new branch in United Arab Emirates

Now is the Future.

Smart cities all around the world feature capabilities well beyond free WiFi in public spaces and remote control over devices. It is more evident than ever how technology is altering the business and hospitality sectors in Arabian countries 

UAE is leading the way. Going farther than digitalizing government services and automating traffic light systems, UAE is applying smart technology to improve security, enhance remote control, and create the real “smart city” where efficiency and sustainability are central to everything.

TIS Group is thrilled to announce the opening of a new TIS office, TIS Automation FZE, in UAE.  Given that cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are playing leading roles as smart cities, the TIS board of management hopes to apply innovations and ideas to be a part of the ever-evolving process of these beautiful cities.

TIS solutions help expand smart horizons: the many sensors, panels, digital gates, etc. enable business owners in UAE to reduce energy bills, add to the aesthetics of their space, and make things simpler and easier to handle. Hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, and any other division in the hospitality sector become both attractive to visitors and user-friendly for owners, leaving a memorable impression on all stakeholders. The same goes for commercial and industrial buildings.

TIS offices in UAE are dedicated to offering the best services to the people and the government, helping to make UAE cities shine.

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