TIS's integration with Cool Automation for VRF Air condition control

Go to the Next Level with the TIS plus CoolAutomation Climate Control Package

TIS and CoolAutomation are happy to announce an integration for advanced temperature control in the following smart home projects.

CoolAutomation is an innovative company with thousands of clients and distributors located in over 90 countries. This company’s operations are based around IoT technology, enabling IoC, the universal concept of smart climate systems. Now, with the integration of TIS & CoolAutomation smart solutions, control options over VRF & HVAC systems are limitless for any residential, commercial, or industrial project. 

Recent trends in energy management support the prevention of the thermostat wars, those roller-coaster temperature settings, and make everything easier. More than ever before, TIS gadgets now offer completely automated and programmable thermostats for the ultimate temperature and humidity control.

Keep the environment around you comfortable and safe with our integrated HVAC systems that control multiple zones from one location, such as VRF system from Daikin, Samsung, LG, York, TRANE, Hitachi , Mitsubishi, oGeneral and much more. The TIS + CoolAutomation package helps to maintain a steady temperature, provide a significant reduction in energy bills, and lessen your carbon footprint. Make baby rooms, living rooms, clinics, offices, etc. comfortable without waste.

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