QUEENSWAY – First Automated Walkway in India

Located along the GIDA - Chathiath road, the Queensway, which features a splendid view of the lake, is the first automated walkway in India. The musical walkway is 1.8 kms long, stretching from the GIDA road to the Chathiath Church. As the old walkway was not wide enough, it has been extended into the lake with 1-meter cantilever slabs. The existing trees and mangrove forests were all preserved during the construction of the walkway. The walkway has been laid out with beautiful tiles. With around 120 benches for visitors, the walkway is sure to be a pleasant experience for everyone.

LED-strip lighting on the walkway makes it a sight to see from the lake. Along with stainless steel, rust-free handrails and the beautiful landscaping near the road and the medians, the walkway is the place to be for a soothing and delightful time. The walkway also features an amphitheater large enough to accommodate 50 people.

TIS Smart city,, Street automation

CCTV cameras have been put up along the walkway, which is automated by TIS Technology. All the lights are controlled by TIS Relays and set to turn on before sunset and to turn off at specific times using the TIS Automation Timer Module. Moreover, the TIS Audio Matrix will play randomly selected music from different radio channels and set playlists each day. The whole system can also be controlled using a smartphone. The walkway will be the first of its kind, and all of the facilities will be open to the public.

Smart street lighting automation by TIS in India


  • Saves energy and money by combining logical analysis and timely alerts with easy control.
  • Optimizes energy consumption with both passive and active strategies
  • Reduces carbon emissions.
  • Limits light usage to times when it is required for sustainable and efficient power savings.
  • Eliminates power wastage.
  • Automates on/off and dimming of lights along pathway for easy control and access during daily schedules.
  • Effectively reduces costs due to optimized usage of electricity.
  • Customizable at any point to suit changing requirements over time.
TIS Kerlay , Kothin , Smart Street music and lighting control

The second phase of the project includes adding two grills close to the roads, two bio toilets, high-definition night vision CCTV cameras, and free WiFi connectivity, which will be available within two months.

This project shows that TIS technologies are not limited to home automation; we can automate any project.

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