TIS's integration with Intesis Box for BACnet and VRF control

Universal Technology: TIS’s New Integration

If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of home automation, you should check out the various integrations between different intelligent solutions and networks.

Customers can make sure that projects are finished on time and with the best technical solution available on the market thanks to the wide variety of smart solutions available in the market. TIS Automation Group took another step to expand the quality of the smart experience and partnered with IntesisBox technology to control VRF AC systems by MODBUS RTU and BACNET Protocol.

Intesisbox provides a range of communication gateway solutions and interfaces with supervision and bidirectional control capabilities. It makes monitoring HVAC systems and maintaining energy savings easy. The technology behind this protocol enables TIS to offer an easy-to-use and reliable smart package for any type of project.

Integrated with this protocol, the TIS network has been improved to offer increased flexibility and functionality.

TIS technology introduces endless possibilities for your next smart home project with the help of IntesisBox innovation; no matter where on the globe you reside, you can find unique uses for automated lighting, heating, multimedia, security, and more by TIS solutions.

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